Reactive Dog Classes

Who are they for?

Our specialised classes are for dogs which bark, growl, and lunge at other dogs. The reactive dog course is set over four sessions, which are held fortnightly and last an hour. A maximum number of dogs that can attend on a course is four. Suitability for the course will be verified by Clinical Animal Behaviourist Danielle Beck prior to booking.

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What the course covers:

  •    Teaching you to understanding your dog’s reactive behaviour
  •   Teaching you about your dog’s triggers
  •   Understanding dog behaviour and communication
  •   How to manage situations to help your dog
  •   Positive reward based behaviour training
  •   Re-educate your dog around the triggers and introduce this into everyday life.


The course package also includes access to Control the Meerkat where you will be able to watch video tutorial demos, online reactive dog courses, and see live chats with Danielle Beck. You will also be invited to access a forum to chat with other peers that are or have attended the course.

The dogs start and progress together throughout the course. Once you have completed the four sessions, you will have the option to continue with progressing further with regular practical set ups.

Just for handlers

In week 1, we have just yourselves only, without the dogs. This is where we will discuss and explain the course content, help you feel at ease, answer any questions you may have and introduce the training and handling skills. We will also be setting achievable and realistic tasks for you to complete between class sessions.


Over the course, you will learn the handling and training skills required to positively deal with the challenges associated with owning a reactive dog.

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Professional Memberships

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