Virtual Consultations !

Virtual Dog Training, Behaviour, Mentoring and coaching Sessions


We understand that it’s not always possible to arrange a home visit for a consultation; this can be for many reasons from time restraints, illness or your locations. Thats why Danielle offers Virtual training and behaviour consultations!

All you need is a computer with webcam (we can even use your phone or tablet), and an internet connection and you can meet with Danielle to discuss your situations and start working together to make your life easier!

Your virtual sessions can be booked at a time convenient for you and Danielle can meet with you regardless of where in the world you are!




Danielle is a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Pet Dog Training Instructor and is able to help you with any problems you are having with your pet. the primary species Danielle works with are Dogs, but she will also see cats and small mammals. Danielle is also the ONLY registered Animal Behaviourist that has been assessed for reptiles and due to her zoological background is happy to take on cases for more exotic pets.

Behaviour First aid
lead reactivity
Increasing focus and responsiveness
resource guarding
Practical handling for veterinary visits
Advice before and/or after adopting a rescue dog

Serious dog behaviour issues that result in aggression toward people or other dogs:
Dog aggression cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis following a virtual behaviour first aid session. If Danielle determines that you need an in-home consultation, she will help you seek out a clinical animal behaviourist in your area.
Please contact me to find out more!

How Does Virtual Dog Training Work?

Online dog training is easy and free to set up. Theres no difficult technology needed to do a virtual session at all. All you need is a computer with a webcam or a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, you’re good to go! We use free easy to use virtual meeting software and can you through every step of the way! We can even record the session and send you the replay so you can listen again at your convenience, as Danielle understands how difficult it can be to take in a lot of information at once.

When you purchase a session, we’ll contact you via email to schedule a time and date that’s convenient for you and your family. We can even have your family ‘dialling in’ from other locations if they’re unable to get back in time!

During the consultation or training session we can discuss your case, and work out the best way to proceed depending on the need of yourself and your pet needs. Danielle will then design a custom workbook for you to work through with your pet and schedule any future sessions.

What Does Virtual Dog Training Cost?


As Danielle Can offer you the same level of service the cost is the same as a home visit, except it’s more convenient for you as Danielle is able to work more flexibly as there’s no need for travel time.

Virtual Behaviour Consultations – £400

Training / behaviour first aid advice – £150 per hour, £80 for 30 minutes

introduction to online training – £30 for 20 minutes

Online Training and rehabilitation coaching sessions £100 per hour

Not sure where to start?

Need some quick advice, not sure what you need?
You can book in an introduction to virtual training for £30.
Do you have a pet with a behavior problem and you are ready to get help ASAP? Contact us now!

If you decide after your initial session that you’d like to continue training with additional sessions, we can offer you savings on packages for three or more sessions.

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