One to One Dog Training

One to One Training

Ember Schwartzsee
Puppy Training

Not all of our companions require a behaviour consultation, some just need a little time and training to understand what they are expected to do in certain situations.

For example;
Rather than running to the door, sit on their bed;
Instead of pulling on the lead, walk nicely on a loose lead; Teach them to go into a carry case/crate on cue, rather than forcing them. Danielle's one to one training sessions are designed to assist you in learning how to train your companion, regardless of species, to do the behaviours you want them to do, rather than focusing on the unwanted behaviours. These training sessions allow you to learn how to teach your desired behaviours and increase your ability to communicate with them, which enables a more peaceful living environment

Loose lead walking and recall
Assistance and emotional support dog training

Danielle is also a registered Animal Training Instructor and has been training animals for over 18 years

Danielle has trained her own duel purpose assistance dogs and is happy to help support anyone looking for help in this area. Prices or assistance dog training is separate to our general fees. 

Contact us now to find out how Danielle can help make your life with your pet, easier. 

Some examples of common behaviour problems seen by Danielle include:

One to One Training sessions are £85 hour with our trainers or £150 hour with Danielle

  • Target training,
  • Stationing,
  • Accepting medical procedures and training aids such as head collars and harnesses,
  • Coming into and out of enclosures
  • Accepting handling.

A well-mannered dog makes all the difference in a smooth-running household and Danielle can teach you how to set your dog up for success so they manage themselves! Examples include

  • Increasing focus and attention
  • Sits and downs
  • Stays
  • Settle
  • Recall, or coming when called
  • Loose lead walking
  • Leave it
  • Self control and frustration tolerance exercises

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