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Animal Behaviour Consultations

Animal Behaviour,

Behaviour Counselling and Rehabilitation Packages

Behaviour Consultation

£ 450
  • 2 Hour Behaviour Consultation
  • Written report & workbook
  • 1 Rehabilitation session

Behaviour Consultation

£ 850
  • 2 Hour Behaviour Consultation
  • Written Report & Workbook
  • 4 Rehabilitation Sessions

Behaviour Consultation

£ 1,250
  • 2 Hour Behaviour Consultation
  • Written report & Workbook
  • 7 Rehabilitation Sessions

What is a behavioural consultation?


Danielle’s animal behaviour consultations are tailored to help you and your companion, regardless of species, to reconnect and offer guidance for any problems that you may be having.

The process consists of an initial 2 hour consultation where Danielle will have a chat with you about the problems you are having and will then discuss possible treatment plans, tailored to the individual needs of yourself and your companion. Danielle will then send you a report with a written treatment plan, and then come back to see you for a followup rehabilitation session, utilizing Skype, stooge animals or people where required. You will also have access to a management app so you and Danielle can easily share information and monitor progress, as and when it suits you!

Canine consultations take place in the comfort of your own home. This allows Danielle to meet your dog in their own environment where you can discuss the problems you are having in a comfortable environment for you and your dog. The followup rehabilitation sessions can they take place in your own home or in a convenient location; where Danielle can utilise her equipment, stooge dogs and assisstants where necessary. The followup depends on the problem you are having and what is required at that stage.  For other species consultations, such as cats, lizards or rabbits, consultations are also available via home visits or Skype if preferred or if distance is problematic. Danielle also offers these behaviour consultation and rehabilitation packages as Virtual Consultations . The same great advice with

no limits to your location 🙂

The Behaviour Consultation Process

1. Contact us

Email the office and we will provide you with information about our services, how we can help, and the best option for you. We will then send you a form in order to gain your veterinary referral for behavioural therapy and to rule out any medical problems that may be causing or exacerbating your dogs behaviour 🙂

2. Veterinary referral

Why do we do this? This is because sometimes behaviour problems can be medically related so the vet needs to give the dog the all clear before it is sent for behaviour therapy. For some dogs behaviour medication can also help to treat behaviour problems so we work alongside your vet to ensure you dog gets all the support they need.

3. Arrange and appointment

When your vet is happy to refer you can return the completed scanned forms or take a photo of completed forms to send via email to the office with your preferred appointment date and time and we will get you booked in.

4. Booking confirmation

The office will then contact you to confirm an appointment and take a non refundable deposit of £50

5. Final Payment

Final payment is made via BACs at least 7 days before your first appointment. You will then be sent an invoice so you can choose to claim the fees back through the insurance. Danielle will look forward to meeting you and helping you with your dogs!