My Services

My Services

Why Choose us?

Danielle's animal behaviour consultations are tailored to help you and your companion, regardless of species, to reconnect and offer guidance for any problems that you may be having.

We work in an unregulated industry. You can literally watch 2 seasons of the Dog Whisperer and decide you are an ‘expert’ and set yourself up in business as a dog trainer and behaviourist! This makes it very much a buyer beware market. A little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing, especially when it comes to behaviour problems.

The wrong advice can be dangerous and catastrophic for dogs and families. The ABTC are working towards industry regulation and Danielle is as qualified and experienced as you can get under their umbrella! This is why she is one of the few people in the UK that has the recognised status of Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.


Danielle is recognised by the Veterinary Profession and also Insurance Companies as Qualified and Competent to Practice Behaviour Therapy, which means you can claim on your insurance policy if you have behaviour cover.


Behaviour Assessments

If your worried about your pet and need an assessment please contact us

Behaviour Courses - (TBC)

These are courses for clients to work through with their dog, to aid behaviour change.

Behaviour Consultations and Rehabilitation

A 2 hour consultation to discuss the problems you are having with your pet.

One to One Training

Not all animals need a consultation; some just need to understand what is expected of them​

Virtual Consultations

Danielle can work with you remotely to help you with your pets.

Public Speaking

Danielle is happy to present on a variety of subjects on animal behaviour

Zoological Consultations

If you work in an animal collections and need some help with the behaviour of your animals click here

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