Dog trainer referral scheme

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Frequently asked questions

Here at Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviour, we believe that collaboration can help to improve the welfare of more dogs and their owners. If you are a trainer and would like to refer a case to us, Danielle will happily welcome you to sit in on the consultation, as a thank you for your trust in our services. You can then gain experience to use as your CPD and relax that you have support for more complex cases. 

The referral scheme is for trainers who would like to gain further experience in behaviour modification, or would like some support with a case they’re finding more complex than usual. The referral scheme allows you to sit in on the case with your client and work through the case together with Danielle. 

There is no charge to sit in on a consultation that you have referred to Danielle. 

All trainers are welcome to refer clients to Danielle. As all of Danielle’s initial consultations take place virtually, location doesn’t always have to be the barrier it first appears to be.

Often after the consultation, most trainers are then happy to keep working with their clients and join up with Danielle through the rehabilitation process to gain CPD and ongoing support.

Other times, once a diagnosis and plan are in place it can be more beneficial to the dog for their original trainer to help the client through the plan, especially if the referral is out of Danielle’s practical rehabilitation area.

Local dog trainers and behaviourists have been sitting in on Danielle’s consultations for a few years to gain experience. Due to this Danielle thought it would be nice to network more with trainers and offer a service where they can sit in to help with their own clients, at no cost to them.

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Sitting in on a consultation can go towards your CPD requirements

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