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Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Danielle is an enthusiastic and passionate animal trainer and behaviour counsellor. Helping people to find the best way to help their animals is Danielle's life's work. Nothing makes her smile more than knowing she has helped a dog and their human to reignite their bond.

Danielle lives with her three dogs,  14 year old rescue Alaskan Malamute x Husky Diefa, 9 year old labrador Holly; who is also Danielles assistance dog, and 2 year old Mini American Shepherd Nuffle, who is an assistance dog in training and her 7 year old son.


Danielle is an Animal Behaviour Consultant based in Greater Manchester, UK. Danielle is a qualified Animal Behaviour Consultant and possess the necessary and relevant academic qualifications, which are backed up by over 18 years of practical experience, allowing her to practise, as an animal behaviourist. It is Danielle’s aim to provide caregivers with an insight into how their animals really think and the reasons behind their often problematic behaviours. Danielle is active on social media as the #Geekydogtrainer and offers free behaviour advice as an admin on the Positive Pet Advice Facebook group and through her  ‘Animal Behaviour Chats’ live,  can be found here or on her YouTubeChanne

The primary species Danielle works with are dogs however, due to her background in zoology and work within zoological facilities she is happy to see both domestic and non domestic species. Danielle’s previous work history includes zoological collections, exotic pet stores and kennels where she worked with a variety of animals from Rhino, Giraffe and Guinea pigs to Tree monitors, Milk Frogs and Marine Fish. Danielle is the first and only registered animal behaviourist who has been assessed for reptiles and has is both passionate and atheistic about reptile welfare, particularly lizards. Danielle’s MSc thesis focused on the factors affecting the stress of Green Iguanas kept as companion animals and she has a passion for enhancing and improving the welfare of captive reptiles.

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                                                          Academic Qualifications

MSc CABC in Lizard Welfare, 2015

University of Southampton

PGDip Companion Animal behaviour Counselling, 2010

University of Southampton

BSc Zoology, 2008

Bangor University

ND Animal Care/ Management, 2004

Myerscough College



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