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Your Journey starts here

Thank you for choosing Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviour, to help you with your dog :).

This is where your journey starts and we’re looking forward to helping you during your dogs rehabilitation. 

As part of your consultation you now have access to a personalised rehabilitation diary, private sessions with Danielle, and access to the Control The Meerkat community and courses (access varies according to your package, you can upgrade at any time)


Here is your personal and private rehabilitation diary! This is where all the personalisation to your rehabilitation will take place. Here we can monitor your progress, chat and keep in touch to ensure everything is moving in the right direction.

Each ‘phase’ is attached to the stages and months from the report, they may take longer, they may be faster, we have to go at your dogs pace, but this will help us to set achievable goals and we can reassess where need be.

We can keep in touch about different aspects of the plan in your rehabilitation diary. However, often you will have longer questions or need more space to keep track. The private sessions give you a space to talk one on one with Danielle, only about any aspects of your journey.

Here is your link to the Control The Meerkat website. You will be sent login details so you will be able to view the courses and talk to others about your journey. Access to this site is limited So please look through the courses and start your journey. If you enjoy it, you can join for £25 a month.

Direct links to helpful resources

Please ensure you’re logged into the control the meerkat site to view these videos

Here is the course that explains how we’re going to teach your dog to relax and ‘chill out’.

Having a chill out session daily helps your dogs to learn to switch off, manage frustration and reduce anxiety

This is a course that takes a deeper look into the ‘life in bubbles’ handout. This will help you to understand why your dog is reacting the way they are and how to understand their distance triggers

Here is the information about how to teach check-ins! Increasing your dogs focus and responsiveness to you is key to their rehabilitation

Here are the lead exercises to teach your dog how to avoid situations when on lead

Some downloadable resources for you to understand more about dog behaviour and body language.


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