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Danielle is an Animal Behaviour Consultant and is a Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), an Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a professional member of the Animal Behaviour and Management Alliance (ABMA). Based in and around Manchester, she has an MSc Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling, which focused on lizard welfare, from the University of Southampton and a BSc in Zoology from Bangor University.


Danielle is also known on social media as the Geekydogtrainer and has been working with animals for over 15 years, during which time she has gained a wealth of experience with a variety of different animal species from guinea pigs and axolotls to rhinos and sea lions. Her studies and practical experience have worked together to enhance her theoretical and practical knowledge, with regards to animal husbandry, welfare, training, ethology and behaviour, of a variety of different species. Danielle has practical experience working within zoological facilities, aquatic facilities, mainstream and commercial pets shops, boarding kennels, community farms and dog daycare and training centers.



My Services

Animal Behaviour Counselling and Rehabilitation Clinic.

Danielle runs an animal behaviour counselling and rehabilitation clinic at Waggawuffins Canine College in Bury. These consultations are tailored to help you and your companion, regardless of species, to reconnect and offer guidance for any problems that you may be having. One to One training and behaviour assessment sessions are also available.

Examples of behaviour problems commonly consulted on by Danielle include:

  • Aggression towards caregivers / visitors and /or the public
  • Aggression or reactivity towards children
  • Aggression to other animals outside
  • Fighting within the household or enclosure
  • Excessive vocalisations
  • Separation related problems
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • Repetitive behaviours

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Public Speaking


Danielle is an enthusiastic and passionate speaker, especially when it comes to reducing stress and improving welfare in companion and zoological animals, especially lizards. She has presented internationally on the subjects of animal behaviour, training and enrichment and is able to deliver presentations on topics such as aggression, training and learning theory amongst others. Danielle is happy to speak at events big or small and enjoys sharing knowledge with others




Zoological Consultations

Danielle is the only registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist that has been assessed for Lizards, as well as canines, and is able to address and behaviourally diagnose behaviour problems in multiple species.

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Contact Me

Interested in my services, please contact me via the email form below and I will get back to you shortly.


077 664 939 32

Click to Call: 07766493932

Region: Greater Manchester and the North West of England


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Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist4 days ago
Nuffle & the chicken... hello secondary fear period 🙈.

For those of you who have followed Nuffles’ journey; you will know that his exposure to new objects, and experiences has been vast. He was ‘well socialised’ in this regard having had awesome breeders to give him the best start @ivormyth, which was continued and is still ongoing.

So imagine my surprise when we visited a friends house and he completely freaked out at a chicken ornament!!! I mean barking, tail under, back & forth movement, cowering, full on “Mummy what on earth is this!!”

Anyone with a dog between 6&14months (ish); will have experienced something similar and I’m here to let you know ITS NORMAL!! 😃

As dogs begin sexual maturity, timing can vary between breeds and individuals. They go through this ‘secondary sensitive period’, which can last for a greater or lesser part of their adolescent period.

This is nature’s way of ensuring confident, hormonal, youngsters don’t get themselves into trouble. It gives them a healthy dose of caution. However, this is a sensitive age and bad experiences, if not handled with care can affect their behaviour as adults.

If your teenage dog is starting to act differently, here are some tips 🙂
*Avoid the triggers
*Go back to basic training & build their confidence through positive reinforcement
*Play games with them
*Go at their pace, don’t force them, they need to know you have their back.

If you’re worried contact your local positive dog trainer or clinical animal behaviourist 🙂

With some gentle praise and care Nuffle soon realized the chicken wasn’t going to eat him and he no longer cares about or the pond fish that it ‘guards’ (see earlier video if you want to see)

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Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist5 days ago
Holly & the shoe!

I finds the shoe... I happy
I parade with the shoe.. I happy
I lie down with the shoe..*grins*
I hold the shoe... I happy
I told not to chew shoe...I sulky

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Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist5 days ago
My old boy keeping cool on his morning walk 😍

How are you keeping your dogs cool?

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Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist6 days ago
My favorite #WhatTheFluff challenge yet!!!
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Nikki Trufant-Wade, an Affiliate of Academy Travel and mickeyvacations.com
It wouldn’t be a proper challenge if Mickey and Pluto didn’t participate. (📸 @bowenbee)
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