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Danielle Beck,

Making life with your pets, easier​

Behaviour courses & Community Support

These are courses for clients to work through with their dog, to aid behaviour change. There's also a new supportive community for reactive dog owners to feel less alone and pick up some great tips.

Behaviour Consultations and Rehabilitation

A 2 hour consultation to discuss the problems you are having with your dog and tailor made treatment plan for you to effectively work through with your dog, virtual assistance from Danielle and a followup rehabilitation session.

Reactive Dog Classes

Our specialised classes are for younger more excitable or frustrated dogs which bark, and lunge at other dogs. These are structured sessions to help you understand and manage your dog.

Discussions With Danielle

Each month Danielle will be live to talk to you about different topics surrounding dogs and making life living with them easier. These live discussions are FREE for all Control The Meerkat, community members or are available to purchase individually in the shop.

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