Danielle Beck

Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Danielle is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist Registered through the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and is a Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), and a professional member of the Animal Behaviour and Management Alliance (ABMA). Danielle gained her PGDip in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling in 2012 and completed the MSc thesis, which focused on lizard welfare, in 2015; from the University of Southampton. She also has a BSc in Zoology from Bangor University and is happy to see multiple species.


Danielle is also known on social media as the Geekydogtrainer and has been working with animals for over 18 years, during which time she has gained a wealth of experience with a variety of different animal species from guinea pigs and axolotls to rhinos and sea lions. Her studies and practical experience have worked together to enhance her theoretical and practical knowledge, with regards to animal husbandry, welfare, training, ethology and behaviour, of a variety of different species. Danielle has practical experience working within zoological facilities, aquatic facilities, mainstream and commercial pets shops, boarding kennels, community farms and dog daycare and training centers.

My Services

Animal Behaviour Counselling and Rehabilitation Clinic.

Danielle runs an animal behaviour counselling and rehabilitation clinic in the comfort of your own home. These consultations are tailored to help you and your companion, regardless of species, to reconnect and offer guidance for any problems that you may be having. Virtual consultations, One to One training and behaviour assessment sessions are also available.

Examples of behaviour problems commonly consulted on by Danielle include:

  • Aggression towards caregivers / visitors and /or the public
  • Aggression or reactivity towards children
  • Aggression to other animals outside
  • Fighting within the household or enclosure
  • Excessive vocalisations
  • Separation related problems
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • Repetitive behaviours

Virtual Consultations

Danielle also offers Virtual Consultations ! Theses are exactly the same as her home visits except they are conducted over a video call, which is far better for most dogs than it seems Check it out here One to One training and behaviour assessment sessions are also available.

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Public Speaking

Danielle is an enthusiastic and passionate speaker, especially when it comes to reducing stress and improving welfare in companion and zoological animals, especially lizards. She has presented internationally on the subjects of animal behaviour, training and enrichment and is able to deliver presentations on topics such as aggression, training and learning theory amongst others. Danielle is happy to speak at events big or small and enjoys sharing knowledge with others

Zoological Consultations

Danielle is the only registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist that has been assessed for Lizards, as well as canines, and is able to address and behaviourally diagnose behaviour problems in multiple species.

077 664 939 32

Click to Call: 07766493932

Region: Greater Manchester and the North West of England

Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
This is lovely, great work Natalie Light Dog Training & Behaviour 💕
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
South Downs National Park
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Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
I miss seeing dogs let’s do this again!! 💕
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Now is the time to get help, you dogs are having the break they need, let’s help help them

Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Danielle Beck - Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Great resource for those with puppies at this time 💕
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